CASE in the News

Jay-Z and Lady Gaga … and Greg Dees? 

Certainly three names that I never thought I’d type in the same sentence (and I also never thought I’d be posting a picture of Jay-Z on the CASE blog)!

But sure enough, Demos recently posted a blog discussing Jay-Z and Lady Gaga’s philanthropic endeavors, and including a quote from an oldie-but-goodie Dees’ article on “Entrepreneurship in Philanthropy.”

Susan Shell, a first year here at Fuqua, posted her second Businessweek blog post: Early Morning Quiet:

“One of the major reasons I came to Fuqua was its outstanding focus on social entrepreneurship. Since arriving, I haven’t been disappointed; it seems that not a week goes by without a speaker, panel, or event aligning with my long-term career goals. In addition, I’m thrilled about all the opportunities to explore the intersection of business and the social sector outside the classroom. Through the Global Consulting Practicum, I’ll be consulting with a social enterprise venture in South Africa throughout the spring, and I’ve recently been selected to serve as a nonvoting board member of a local nonprofit organization through the Fuqua On Board program.”

(Though my very favorite quote from the post is: “I can’t remember who told me the toughest part of business school would be getting in, but I’d like to find him and have a few words.” Clearly written by a first year in the midst of Fall finals – hang in there first years!)

And finally, CASE Fellow Christopher Gergen on the promise of North Carolina’s growing Latino community, “We dare not waste talent” in the News and Observer:

“In short, by increasing the number of legal Latino college graduates in our state and helping them launch and grow thriving businesses, we will benefit economically – not to mention culturally. With foresight, we also have the opportunity to expand exports to Latin America and stimulate foreign investment.”