Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise

By Matthew T.A. Nash

Few concepts in the social sector have caught on as quickly and have captured the imagination of so many, or have been the subject of such intense debate, as has social entrepreneurship. We need to create a healthy, vibrant ecosystem that supports innovative social entrepreneurs, but with appropriate discipline to ensure that capital is directed to its best uses.  Without some devices to filter out the under-performers, scare resources will be spread among those who put it to good use and those who do not. Fortunately, a number of innovative and exciting efforts are underway to address these issues. Many in this field express caution hope that the next decade will bring significant advances in the development of the field of social entrepreneurship. These advances could have a beneficial impact on the social sector as a whole.

Chapter 10 (pp. p 262-298) in The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management, 3rd Edition

Wiley, 2010