Financial Aid

The cost of an MBA education at a leading business school can be significant. CASE and Fuqua aims to reduce this financial burden and attract the most talented next generation leaders in social impact. In addition to other sources of financial aid at Fuqua, Daytime MBA students and alumni with an interest in social impact may be eligible for the following financial aid programs:

Fuqua Impact Scholarship | Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowship | Fuqua Summer Internship Fund | CASE Launch Pad Award | Rex and Ellen Adams Loan Assistance Program

Fuqua Impact Scholarship

The social problems that we face as a global community are urgent. We need leaders with the skills, courage, networks, and support to drive to a more just, equitable and sustainable world. 

To support those promising future leaders, CASE works with Fuqua Admissions to award the Fuqua Impact Scholarship. Fuqua Impact Scholars are a select group of admitted Daytime MBA students who have the experience, passion, and commitment to apply the skills honed at Fuqua to drive positive social impact in their lives and careers. Fuqua Impact Scholars receive a merit-based scholarship, join a cohort of peers passionate about using business skills for good, and have access to special programming through Fuqua’s academic centers.

Eligibility: All applicants to the Fuqua School of Business Daytime MBA program expressing interest in social impact are automatically considered for this award; no additional application materials are necessary. Fuqua Impact Scholarship awardees will be notified by the Fuqua Admissions team as part of their acceptance package. For more information, please visit the Fuqua Admissions site

To learn more about previous Fuqua Impact Scholars (formerly known as CASE Scholars), click here

Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowship

Awarded to select incoming Daytime MBA students who successfully completed service as Peace Corps volunteers.  Coverdell Fellows receive a scholarship of 25% tuition and fees, plus consideration for other merit-based scholarships and financial aid awards based upon the strength of their applications. Throughout their enrollment, Peace Corps Fellows will be required to undertake a significant service project in the Durham community. 

Eligibility:  Find details here or contact Annie Floyd, Director of Fuqua’s International Programs Office, for more information.

Fuqua Summer Internship Fund

The Fuqua Summer Internship Fund (SIF) provides financial support through matching funding to Daytime MBA students completing summer internships with impact organizations, small businesses, and start-ups.  SIF enables students to learn about the rewards and challenges of social sector management without making a significant financial sacrifice, and enables organizations who otherwise could not afford MBA interns to benefit from their experience. SIF is supported by CASE, the Fuqua Net Impact Club, the Class of 1990 Endowment, and the Fuqua Career Management Center. 

Eligibility:  Current Daytime MBA students pursuing a full-time, minimum eight-week summer internship with an eligible employer can apply for financial support in the spring semester. The internship must utilize MBA skills, be well-defined with adequate supervision, and have a significant impact on the organization.  For more information about internship eligibility and application process, visit the SIF page.   

CASE Launch Pad Award

The CASE Launch Pad Award recognizes a Duke MBA student or team working on an idea or venture to address a social challenge. Each annual winner receives a $10,000 grant and coaching from CASE’s staff and global network of impact enterprise leaders and investors. The Launch Pad Award recognizes solutions at any venture stage – whether the applicant is investigating a domain or learning about an issue area they are passionate about, has an idea for a venture and is working on the business plan, or is already operating a start-up and looking to scale. The award may be used at the winner’s discretion, to fund learning, founding team time, operational expenses, etc. Current Duke MBA students should look for application information to be announced in the spring of each academic year.

Rex and Ellen Adams Loan Assistance Program

The Rex and Ellen Adams Loan Assistance Program (LAP) provides financial assistance in the form of loan forgiveness awards to qualifying Fuqua Daytime MBA alumni who work full-time for eligible nonprofits, government organizations, and certified B Corporations. Read more about the requirements and application process for LAP on the Fuqua Financial Aid page.