Starting Up: Staging Feedback for Catchafire

We posted several weeks ago about Greg Dees and Cathy Clark’s new Social Edge blog on business models for social impact. Their blog starts with discussion of several start-ups and the questions that these start-ups are struggling with as they launch their operations. We kicked off with a post on Bull City Forward and now […]

Starting Up: Business Models for Social Impact

Dees and Clark’s next post on the Social Edge is live! The first set of posts will be focused on Start-Ups.  We often talk about Social Entrepreneurs’ passion, their stories and their unique ideas.  But what happens when they take the next step to implement that idea? What are the questions that they have to […]

Dees & Clark on the Edge!

Social entrepreneurs don’t just have to create a business model that works, but that business model must balance financial viability and social impact. It is a difficult challenge and leads social entrepreneurs to constantly refine or redesign their business models to achieve more robust, scalable, and efficient impact. Noticing this trend of business model redefinition, […]