Welcome to Our New CASE Advisory Council Chair Ben Hecht!

CASE Advisory Council Chairs and Erin Worsham

Since 2014, the CASE Advisory Council has been led by Kevin Trapani. As President and CEO of The Redwoods Group, Kevin has had a keen eye for upcoming issues and trends in the social impact space and how CASE can continue to be at the forefront of these trends. He has also played a pivotal […]

Day in Durham: Step One Towards Impactful Stewardship

This post was written by Chris Castro, Fuqua MBA 2017 and a CASE Scholar. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University, Chris was a 5th and 6th grade teacher in Honduras for the nonprofit organization The Farm of the Child. He spent five years working with City Year before becoming to Fuqua.   Although first-year Fuqua […]

Scaling Aquatic Safety

This post was written by Rachael Lambert, a rising second year at Fuqua. Rachael worked with the The Redwoods Group Foundation this summer with support from the CASE’s Summer Internship Fund (learn more about SIF at the bottom of this post!) Coming to The Fuqua School of Business, I had limited experience working with non-profits […]

Getting into the Muck: Day in Durham 2013

This post was written by Diana Vining and Cristina Arellano, both first year Duke MBA students. Diana and Cristina reflect on the 10th annual Day in Durham – where more than 1500 Fuqua first years have explored the Durham community and been inspired to use their business skills for social impact. How do you get […]

Global leaders start at home

This post was written by second year student, Mark Hiew. Mark and fellow second year, Dawn Arthur, were the leads for the 9th annual Day in Durham, an annual event that introduces incoming Fuqua students to the social entrepreneurship community in Durham and how they can contribute during their time at Duke. “Global leaders start […]

Connecting with Customers through Sustainability

This post was written by Elana Boehm, a first year Duke MBA and CASE Fellow. Elana reflects on some of the marketing panels from this year’s Sustainable Business and Social Impact conference and how different companies are implementing programs and connecting with their customers around sustainability and social impact issues. “When was your spear-in-the-chest moment?”