When Will the Rains Come? CASE Announces New Partnership with Mercy Corps Ventures focused on scaling the promise of microinsurance for smallholder farmers

If I plant at the wrong time, I will have lost my investment in seed and fertilizer – and can’t replant. If the rains don’t come, I won’t have enough yield to feed my family. If I can’t access credit, I can’t increase my yield, diversify, or innovate. These are just three of the problematic […]

What Brings You Hope in the Midst of Crisis?

Throughout April and May 2020, the CASE team had the incredible opportunity to speak with thirteen social enterprise leaders about how they are navigating impact and scale during the COVID19 pandemic –and how they are bringing to bear lessons from previous crises such as the Ebola outbreak and times of political upheaval. The interviews are shared […]

FROM SCALING PATHWAYS: To Power Impact at Scale, Equity and Inclusiveness Must Undergird Data Strategy

Big data, small data, lean data, data privacy, machine learning – these are just a few of the current data trends that social enterprises have to comprehend while advancements in data science continue to evolve around them at a rapid pace. However, in order to unlock the potential of data to scale impact, the approach […]

Launching Scaling Through Mass Disruption

How do social enterprises and the funders that support them achieve impact at scale even in times of crisis, such as outbreak of war or disease? In light of the mass disruption caused by COVID-19, we are working with our Scaling Pathways partners on a new video interview series called Scaling Through Mass Disruption, which captures […]

People MATTER. The latest from Scaling Pathways.

Just released—the latest from Scaling Pathways.  Building and empowering a strong team is one of the universal challenges social ventures face—and it only gets more challenging as they scale. And yet, talent is often misunderstood, overlooked, and under-resourced. In People Matter: Evolving Talent to Drive Impact at Scale you will find advice from the field, […]

VillageReach: Committed to the Last Mile, and Evolving

Village Reach Clinic

This month, Scaling Pathways—a collaboration between USAID, the Skoll Foundation, Mercy Corps and CASE at Duke—released its second paper in the Theme Study Series, “Leveraging Government Partnerships for Scaled Impact.” Emily Bancroft, President of VillageReach, shares strategies and learnings from nearly 20 years of partnership with governments which are highlighted throughout the paper; the blog […]

Scaling Pathways: Leveraging Government Partnerships

Introducing “Leveraging Government Partnerships for Scaled Impact,” the Latest Theme Study From Scaling Pathways Social enterprises driving toward systems change must undertake various partnerships along the way.  The one partnership most reported as being key to the ability to achieve such change is one with government.  So thousands of social enterprises embark, every day, on […]

Overcoming Bumps on the Road to Scale

No matter the type of organization, the scaling journey often includes bumps in the road. While these unexpected obstacles vary in size and timing, the central question for any social impact enterprise is: will we see it coming and adjust course or will we hit the bump going full speed and fly off the road? […]

CASE’s Year in Impact 2017-2018

CASE's year in impact

It’s June, another school year has gone by and another group of CASE and CASE i3 Fellows have graduated. We had another exciting year of impact at CASE. Here are some of the numbers from 2017-2018. If you are interested in learning more about our 2017-2018 year you can read CASE Executive Director, Erin Worsham’s […]

Financing for Scaled Impact: Part of the Scaling Pathways Series

What Successful Social Enterprises Want You to Know… Googling “social enterprise” calls up over 20 million results. Indeed, there are hundreds of thousands of new ideas for mission-driven ventures emerging around the world. And there are some notable social enterprises who have started to solve social and environmental problems at scale. What can we learn […]