How can we help more entrepreneurs raise the right impact investment capital?

Announcing special discounts for all users of CASE Smart Impact Capital. Since our public launch in 2017, we’ve had a lot of traction with CASE Smart Impact Capital. Our online toolkit has helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world learn how to raise the right kind of impact investing capital at the right time, with […]

How Do We Erase the Lines of Divide?

Aaron Walker at Fuqua

This post was written by Kylie Johnston, CASE Fellow, Co-President of the Net Impact Club, and Candidate for MBA, Class of 2017. Want to learn about the next CASE Executive Speaker event? Sign up for the CASE Newsletter! I am an Australian from a middle-income nuclear family of six. I went to a good Australian public […]

3 Elements You Need When Hiring Talent for Your Social Venture

socent hiring talent

This post was written by CASE Executive-in-Residence and Sproxil Co-Founder Alden Zecha. He has over 25 years of experience in more than 35 countries and has founded several companies, including SEAD Innovator Sproxil, Inc., a social venture that provides a consumer SMS and app product verification service to help consumers avoid purchasing counterfeit products, and We […]

You Need Capital for Your Growing Social Venture. What Now?

This post originally appeared on the SOCAP blog. You can read the original post here. We are happy to announce the CASE Smart Impact Capital™ site has officially launched this week! You can view the website here. The Challenges of Raising “Smart” Capital   Social entrepreneurs are busy people with many competing claims on their […]

Pokemon for Social Impact? It’s More Likely Than You Think

It hasn’t taken long for Pokemon Go, the mobile app game collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic, to take the world by storm. In two days the app has been downloaded by more people than Facebook and Tinder in the United States and it’s set to have more active users than Twitter since its release on […]

Customized Consulting for Your Social Venture with FCCP


While applications are closed for the 2016-17 academic year, you can add your information to our database of interested clients for the 2017-18 FCCP program. Add your information to the database here. An e-commerce website selling clothing and jewelry made by vulnerable women being paid fair wages. A healthcare company in Kenya that uses mobile technology […]

CASE Chat with Eric Savage, Co-Founder and President, Unitus Capital

This month’s CASE Chat features Eric Savage, Co-Founder and President of Unitus Capital. Based in Bangalore, India, Unitus Capital was founded in 2008 with the mission of accelerating capital markets for ventures serving low-income populations in Asia. In the CASE Chat, Eric discusses initial challenges they faced in starting a social investment bank, the satisfaction […]

CASE Chat with Bart Houlahan, Co-Founder, B Lab

This month’s CASE Chat features Bart Houlahan, Co-Founder of B Lab, the nonprofit organization that certifies B Corporation. Bart is also a member of the CASE Advisory Council. With the founding of B Lab in 2006, Bart has established himself as a leader in the social entrepreneurship field. He discusses with us the changing role of […]

CASE Chat with Sasha Dichter, Chief Innovation Officer at Acumen

Ahead of our annual Advisory Council meeting held at the Fuqua School of Business, this month’s CASE Chat features one of our CASE i3 council members Sasha Dichter, Chief Innovation Officer at Acumen. Sasha has been a leader in social entrepreneurship and impact investing for many years and offers his insights on a number of […]