NEXT GEN VOICES: Introducing CASE Scholar Bruce (Junhaeng) Lee

Bruce Junhaeng Lee Even with years of intensive English education in Korea, I was very surprised to find myself unable to speak English fluently when I first traveled to the United States in 2010. I decided to come back and spent a year at the University of California, Davis as an exchange student in 2013. […]

NEXT GEN VOICES: Introducing CASE Scholar Jenna Weinberg

Jenna Weinberg I believe strongly in harnessing the power of market forces to achieve equity and empower communities. In his “Gospel of Wealth,” Andrew Carnegie asserts that inequality is an inevitable cost of progress. I unequivocally reject this view, believing that we can no longer consider philanthropy as separate from how financial success is achieved. […]

NEXT GEN VOICES: Introducing CASE Scholar Rony Cepeda

Rony Cepeda Every year the United States spends about $680 billion on education. However, we still get abysmal results, as our students of color and non-English speakers are significantly less likely to graduate from high school than their counterparts. As an immigrant who has personally navigated the U.S. education system, I am deeply committed to […]

NEXT GEN VOICES: Unlearning as a Part of MBA Education – Challenging Internalized White Supremacy Culture in Business and Social Impact

In the last few months, increasing media attention on police brutality and systemic racism has prompted a long overdue wake-up call for many leaders. We are collectively acknowledging racism baked into institutions, policies, and company cultures, creating an unprecedented opportunity for systemic transformation. I am grateful that my education at Fuqua, particularly through opportunities at […]

Fuqua Faculty: Thought Leaders in Their Fields

This post was written by Joaquin Brahm (Daytime MBA ’15) and originally appeared on the Duke MBA Student Blog. It is not by chance that Fuqua has ranked consistently as best faculty among business schools. The school draws faculty members from around the world who have in-depth experience that cuts across all industries and functions. Many […]