Calling All Alumni & Students: Reflections on Greg Dees

In order to celebrate the life and legacy of our dear friend and colleague Greg Dees, the Duke community will come together with Greg’s family, colleagues, and friends on February 11 for a memorial event and service. Event details can be found here. In order to include the voices of Greg’s students, we invite all Fuqua alumni who learned from him to share their reflections and memories as outlined below. We’re aiming to create a photo/video/text presentation from these contributions, no more than 10 minutes in length, that can be shown at the memorial event and possibly shared via the CASE blog and website afterward.

To that end, we’d love to hear from you about any of the following:

  • What Greg taught you
  • Your favorite memory of Greg
  • How Greg influenced your time at Fuqua
  • An action you’ve taken because of Greg – i.e. taught a class, founded a social enterprise, pursued specific work in the social sector

Please submit your thoughts on the above topics via one of the following media to Mailande Moran at by Friday, February 7 at midnight:

  • VIDEO: A landscape-oriented (horizontal) video of you, speaking about one of the topics above (no more than 30 seconds) – this can be taken on a smartphone, no need for anything more elaborate, but please make the lighting, sound, and picture quality the best that you can. Please send via .mp4 or .mov files.
  • PHOTO: A landscape-oriented (horizontal) photograph of you, holding a piece of paper that addresses a topic above (please type or write legibly, preferably with a thick pen, with letters large enough to be read easily – 4 lines maximum) – here’s a good visual example of this format
  • TEXT: Text addressing one of the topics above (75 words maximum)

Please also include:

  • Your full name, Fuqua graduation year, and current position/employer
  • (Optional) Any photos that you have of Greg that you’d like to share for the photo portion of the slideshow

Thank you for helping us celebrate Greg’s life! Please note that by submitting these materials, you are giving CASE and Fuqua permission to use your name, photo/video and text in the creation, use and distribution of presentation materials to be shown on February 11th and distributed online and in other media after February 11th. If you have questions, please address them to Mailande Moran at

If you would like to be included in the presentation, please follow these steps by Friday, February 7, at midnight. We will do our best to include as many submissions as possible, but may have to be selective due to time constraints and media quality.

Greg’s loved ones have also created a memorial website for him, where you can share memories and read stories and reflections from people all around the world who felt Greg’s influence in their lives. We encourage you to visit this site as well, in order to add your voice to those who celebrate Greg’s life and legacy.