2014 Launch Pad Award

Creating a marketplace that matches entrepreneurs who need funding with investors

Founder: Frederico Rizzo

Venture: Broota (Brazil)

Dan Heath: “Frederico is resourceful and resilient. Early on, he dodged a lot of the problems that can doom a startup: team problems, money problems, and timing problems. Every time, he faced into the problem directly and figured out a solution. He is a great example for the entrepreneurs he’s now helping to fund. It is so fun to see him speaking on panels at entrepreneurial conferences now – I’m thinking, ‘I remember sitting with that guy in the CASE office and hearing his early ideas.’”

Frederico Rizzo: “Going from the idea stage to the launch phase is a big step in any startup journey. After working for almost a year refining my business plan with the support of Fuqua’s entrepreneurial curriculum, I was back to my country facing critical real life decisions that couldn’t go wrong. Winning the Seed Prize at that time not only provided me with the money I needed to bootstrap the first few months, but most importantly, connected me with a high-level mentoring and guidance that was very hard to find anywhere else. Still to date I remember the decisive calls I had with Dan and the impact those conversations had on my company’s structure, culture and strategy.”