Introducing CASE Scholar Alejandra Gerosa

As our final profile of this year’s CASE Social Sector Scholarship recipients, we introduce Alejandra Gerosa. Welcome, Alejandra!

Alejandra comes to Fuqua from a career as an advocate for organizations dedicated to making a difference. Most recently, she worked for independent humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders, managing face to face fundraising in the organization’s Spain association. There, she focused on scaling, coaching and mentoring fundraising teams. She previously worked in communications and marketing for HelpArgentina, a foundation that mobilizes donors and volunteers towards Argentine nonprofits. She holds a degree in Communications from Universidad de San Andrés, in Argentina, where she co-founded a student-led social responsibility initiative.

Why Fuqua?

The main reason I chose Fuqua is the value it places on people. I have been fortunate enough to work with and around great, passionate people for my entire career, so Fuqua’s strong community and emphasis on teamwork resonated with me. I was also drawn to the many resources Fuqua provides for students with social impact and sustainability interests.  In addition, these resources result in a student body that is diverse in background and motivation, making it a great place for me to explore the intersection of profit and impact. At Fuqua, I’ll have countless opportunities, both academic and extracurricular, to explore how my passion can translate into valuable impact across organizations of all types.

What impact do you hope your Fuqua education will allow you to have on the world?

I hope I can help bring sustainable consumer products to a wider audience. Making it easier for the general public to incorporate impact-driven choices in their daily lives has always been a passion of mine.

Furthermore, as my career transitioned from raising awareness to raising funds I realized that the work that motivates me the most involves influencing consumer behavior and being able to quantify my impact easily. While I’m still figuring out exactly how my path will look like, I hope that I can use the analytical tools and leadership skills that I’ll develop at Fuqua to help grow brands whose values I identify with.

Share one of the 25 facts from your application essay.

The first big thing I bought with my allowance was a globe, at age 9. It’s no wonder that today my sister, my parents, my significant other and I all live in different countries!