Scaling Pathways: What Does it Take to Scale Impact?

While there is no single path for scaling social impact, we’ve learned many lessons about what works and what does not:

  • How critical is local adaptation?
  • What can social enterprises do to remain focused on what matters most?
  • Why might partnerships make sense?
  • When should an organization pivot?
  • …and do we even agree on our definitions of ‘scale’?

Four years ago, the Innovation Investment Alliance – a partnership of the Skoll Foundation and USAID, supported by Mercy Corps – committed to investing over $40 million in proven, transformative social enterprises to scale their impact.

Researched and written by CASE, the Scaling Pathways case study series looks at three of those enterprises and shares lessons that leaders of social enterprises, funders, investors, and policymakers can put into action.

Join us May 11, 12-1 pm EDT as we officially launch Scaling Pathways through a free webinar.   We’ll share themes from the Scaling Pathways paper and critical points from the scaling journeys of Imazon, VisionSpring, and Evidence Action.


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