CASE Chat: Scaling Impact and Building Trust with Teju Ravilochan of Uncharted

While in college at the University of Colorado, Teju Ravilochan kept thinking about how he could make the world less “unfair,” and how he could use the privilege he possessed to create opportunity for others.   He and two friends ultimately launched the start-up now known as Uncharted (formerly Unreasonable Institute), where they bring together people and resources in an intensive accelerator program to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Teju shared his story in his keynote address at SBSI 2017, and we had the opportunity to sit down with him to gain additional insight on tactics for scaling impact, building trust with investors, and the industries that are ripe for innovation.

About Teju Ravilochan

Teju is co-founder and former CEO of Uncharted (formerly Unreasonable Institute), which he started immediately after college with Tyler Hartung and Daniel Epstein. Before Uncharted, he spent nearly a year as executive assistant to Paul Polak, founder of iDE, which has impacted over 20 million people. He conducted university-funded research (via the University of Colorado) to learn about the effectiveness of NGOs in tackling rural poverty, which deeply inspired his passion for Uncharted’s mission. He is a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, an Inc. 30 under 30 entrepreneur, and a TEDx speaker.

About Uncharted

Uncharted builds coordinated movements of people—ventures, companies, foundations, governments, policy makers, funders, and more—who are all positioned to make a dent in a global problem.   Their program offerings include bootcamp programs, mentorship, financial training, and investor introductions.

About CASE Chats

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