CASE i3 Consulting Program by the Numbers



What is the CASE i3 Consulting Program?

  1. Team of 5 – 7 MBA Studetns
  2. Averaging 400 hours per project
  3. Remotely working under the mentorship of Cathy Clark to solve your complex impact investing problem.

“A productive time spent with a smart, efficient, and outcome-focused team! The team needed minimal supervision and was a real pleasure to work with.”
– Najada Kumbuli, Investment Director, Calvert Impact Capital

The numbers from 6 years of consulting

We have had 28 projects serving 24 clients.

Over these 6 years, 140 MBA Students have consulted on impact investing projects, each group of 5 to 7 students have spent on average 400 hours per project.

We have proudly boasted a 100% client satisfaction rate.

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