What We’re Reading To Stay Informed and Inspired

What We’re Reading To Stay Informed and Inspired


Preparing social venture and impact investing leaders with the mindsets, skills, and habits needed to achieve enduring social change requires our team to stay on top of the latest knowledge and practices.  From skillfully deploying investment and philanthropic capital to measuring programmatic and personal impact, here’s a glimpse at what we’ve been reading lately.


Impact Alpha photo credit: blackmediaconference.com
Photo credit: blackmediaconference.com

How Living Cities is Deploying ‘Capital for the New Majority’
Ben Hecht and Brinda Ganguly of Living Cities
Impact Alpha

How do you address racial disparities in capital distribution and wealth? Living Cities has been working to create enduring social change through investing with a racial-equity lens.  In this article, President and CEO Ben Hecht and Managing Director of the Catalyst Loan Funds Brinda Ganguly share how their team has approached deploying “capital for the new majority” to create a more equitable society for all.


NextBillion: Photo Credit Unsplash
Photo source: Nextbillion.net

Growth on Your Own Terms: Three Tips for Scaling Your Social Enterprise – Without Selling Your Soul to Investors
Sam Alhadeff of Finding Impact
Next Billion

At CASE we’re deeply focused on the challenges of scaling social impact.  One of those challenges is securing the right funding for the scaling journey.  In this piece from the Next Billion series “Scaling Up Without Selling Out,” Sam Alhadeff of Finding Impact shares three observations on how to effectively engage funders to scale impact while staying true to the goals of the organization.


MiracleFeet: impact report photo credit: MiracleFeet
Photo Credit: MiracleFeet

External Evaluation Validates MiracleFeet’s Model and Impact

Evaluating a social venture’s impact can often be a complex task.  In 2018, MiracleFeet partnered with Acumen-founded 60 Decibels in a customer-centric method for evaluating the impact of three of its programs.  In this post, MiracleFeet shares their approach to working with 60 Decibels and the extremely positive findings from the assessment.

To learn more about Acumen’s spinoff 60 Decibels, read this Forbes profile.


Charly Kleissner of Impact Assets PhotoCredit: Charly Kleissner
Photo source: Medium.com/@impactassets

A Year or Impact – Personal reflections
Charly Kleissner, Ph.D. of ImpactAssets

Charly Kleissner marries the personal and the professional in this piece, sharing the story of his past year battling lymphoma and how it relates to his view of the Impact Economy. From mindfulness practice to understanding the Deep Impact Movement, this read will inspire you to think about healthy lifestyle practices and healthy investment practices.