CASE Launches Scaling Readiness Diagnostic

If you are preparing to take your organization’s impact to scale, wouldn’t it be nice to have a training plan to help you keep focused and build capacity for what lies ahead? CASE is providing just that.

Based on lessons from the Growth Readiness Assessment and Coaching project (GRA) funded by the United States Agency for International Development Global Development Lap (USAID), the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business has launched the CASE Smart Impact Scaling Readiness Diagnostic – a free, online tool to help impact enterprises prepare themselves to scale effectively.

“Even the most successful social enterprises face challenges as they expand into new geographies, partner with others, build movements and more,” said CASE Executive Director Erin Worsham.  “The scaling journey is never easy.  However, after prototyping and testing the CASE Smart Impact Scaling Readiness Diagnostic with both for-profit and nonprofit enterprises working in diverse impact sectors, we know this tool can help add clarity and are excited to expand the tool’s impact by making it publicly available at no cost,” said Worsham.

In less than 30 minutes, impact leaders can use the CASE Smart Impact Scaling Readiness Diagnostic to assess their areas of strength and gain insight into weaknesses on the seven key impact, financial, and operational levers that are critical for scale.  After finishing the diagnostic, users receive a custom report that details areas for growth, what that growth should look like, and suggested resources from CASE and others that can accelerate progress.

“In addition to providing enterprise leaders with key insights they can use internally, the CASE Scaling Readiness Diagnostic can also help leaders add specificity to funding requests and help them track and show traction to other key stakeholders,” said Worsham.

The CASE Smart Impact Scaling Diagnostic is just one of CASE’s practitioner-friendly tools.  Use CASE Smart Impact Capital to learn how to close the right impact investment capital at the right time and Scaling Pathways to access practical advice from experienced impact enterprises.