Learning by Doing: The 2021-22 Partnerships

One of the benefits of the Duke MBA is that our students have many opportunities to immediately apply their learning to real world challenges outside the classroom.  

Students work side-by-side with business and nonprofit leaders through several experiential learning programs, including the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum, the CASE i3 Consulting Practicum, and Mentored Study.  Through these partnerships, students expand their skills and apply best practices to timely social impact challenges, and clients benefit from fresh eyes, additional capacity, and the latest business school learnings.

The opportunities to use business skills for good are wide-ranging.

Thus, our students are partnering this year with organizations across the impact spectrum – product companies, service organizations, investment firms, nonprofit and for profit, working internationally down to hyper-local in our Durham community.  We are looking forward to the seeing the results of these partnerships.

CapEQ – an impact investment and advisory firm that helps investors and businesses achieve superior financial returns through social impact

Family Connects International – an evidence-based nurse home-visiting program for families with newborns

Kohler Innovation for Good – an internal innovation incubator designed to develop new business opportunities for social purpose

Niokobok – an e-commerce company that allows Senegalese abroad to support their families back home

Secha Capital – a patient capital holding company that invests in small and medium African enterprises looking to grow

Southern Bancorp – combining traditional banking and lending services with financial development tools and public policy advocacy to help families and communities grow stronger

Thriving Communities Fund – providing capital for traditionally underfunded Black- and POC-led businesses to support the equitable economic health of Durham

Toniic – a global community of asset owners seeking deeper positive net impact across the spectrum of capital

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