Creating Change as a Social Entrepreneur with Sally Osberg of the Skoll Foundation

November 2017 Sally Osberg, President and CEO of the Skoll Foundation, is an expert on social entrepreneurship, has led ground-breaking work with the Skoll Foundation since 2001, and is co-author of “Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works.”  We’ve captured key insights from Sally in this month’s CASE Chat, where she shares what she has […]

Three takeaways from an MBA student’s first SOCAP Conference

This post is written by Manuel Costa, a second year Duke MBA student, in November 2017. From Tuesday 10th October to Friday 13th October more than 3,000 people assembled in Fort Meyers, San Francisco, to talk all things Impact Investing. This was SOCAP’s 10th edition and it was evident from the get-go this was a […]

A Small Request from a SOCAP Rookie: More Patience & More Urgency

This post is written by Kaylan Christofferson, a Duke MBA and MPP student, in November 2017. I’ve heard a lot of statistics lately about the incredible growth in impact investing, but these numbers can feel abstract. How many people are really serious about this impact investing thing? Being among the 3,000+ attendees at the 2017 […]