2010 Winner

Vanessa Kirsch

Founder and CEO, New Profit Inc.

Kirsch has more than 25 years of experience in developing innovative solutions to social problems and is widely recognized as a leading social entrepreneur. Her experience, combined with a trip around the world in 1995 when she met with other social entrepreneurs, citizen leaders, philanthropists, and political officials, led her to start New Profit.

New Profit, founded in 1998, is a nonprofit social innovation organization and venture philanthropy fund seeking to increase social mobility by strengthening, connecting and amplifying the best ideas across the nation. With its signature partners and a network of philanthropists, it invests in a portfolio of social entrepreneurs, grow their impact, and drive systemic change in education, workforce development, public health, community development/poverty alleviation, and other levers of opportunity. Through its annual Gathering of Leaders and cross-portfolio forums, it connects social entrepreneurs with cross-sector leaders and build communities that amplify bold visions and systems-changing agendas that fuel social innovation. Through America Forward, its public policy platform, these communities drive policy agendas that forge public/private partnerships to accelerate their impact.