Hilary Irby

Hilary Irby is Head of Impact Strategy for a large family office. She was previously Chief Operating Officer of the Morgan Stanley Global Sustainable Finance (GSF) group and Head of the Morgan Stanley Investing with Impact Initiative.  Prior to Morgan Stanley, Hilary was Operating Partner at JVP, a leading Israeli venture capital fund with over $900 million under management, where she oversaw the Firm’s fund management, international operations, investor relations and marketing. She also worked as part of the management team to drive the Firm’s organizational strategy and spearheaded business development in the US for JVP and its portfolio companies. Previously, Hilary worked at Goldman Sachs & Co., helped manage the growth of an internet consulting and integration firm, Fort Point Partners, and worked for four years as a change management consultant at Andersen Consulting. Hilary holds a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Bachelor of Science from St. Lawrence University.