CASE Chats

The CASE Chats video series features influential voices in social impact, impact investing, and corporate impact sharing their insights on using tri-sector leadership to work across sectors, engaging with key stakeholders, scaling proven solutions, measuring and managing impact, and more.

Teju Ravilochan
Co-founder and former CEO of Uncharted

Teju started Uncharted (formerly Unreasonable Institute) immediately after college with Tyler Hartung and Daniel Epstein. Before Uncharted, he spent nearly a year as executive assistant to Paul Polak, founder of iDE, which has impacted over 20 million people. In this video, Teju shares insights on tactics for scaling impact, building trust with investors, and the industries that are ripe for innovation.

Sally Osberg
President and CEO of Skoll Foundation

Sally is an expert on social entrepreneurship and has led ground-breaking work with the Skoll Foundation since 2001. Sally is co-author of “Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works.”  Sally shares what she has learned about the steps to be an effective social entrepreneur, the challenges of scaling social impact, and what continues to inspire her.

Paul Sansone
CFO of Boys & Girls Clubs of America; Better World Books

With decades of experience in financials for social ventures, including Better World Books, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and most recently TechCXO, Paul knows what it takes to raise capital for your social impact organization. Learn what impact investors are looking for in their investments, raising capital as a B Corp, and trends he sees in social entrepreneurship.

Aaron Walker
Founder and CEO of Camelback Ventures

Aaron is passionate about creating a more inclusive entrepreneurial space. In this video, Aaron shares his insights into minority representation in social entrepreneurship, how we can better connect underrepresented entrepreneurs with capital, and the future of the sector.

Debra Schwartz
Managing Director of MacArthur Foundation

Debra talks about how private foundations can serve as catalytic investors, the future of impact investing, and the critical skills needed to be a successful impact investor.

Tom Mitchell
Partner & Managing Director, Cambridge Associates

Tom shares misconceptions he sees in the impact investing field, what social entrepreneurs need to know about impact investors, and how the field is evolving.

Wendy Kopp
Co-Founder and CEO of Teach for All

In this video Wendy talks about her work scaling Teach for America and Teach for All, adapting the model to other countries, and what we need in the education space today.

Matthew Thomas
Managing Partner of Paddle

Matthew takes a look at the meaning of tri-sector leadership, what does it really take to be a tri-sector leader, and how to engage all three sectors.

Leigh Morgan
Chief Operating Officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Leigh shares her perspective on trends she sees in the social impact space, tri-sector leadership, and scaling impact.

Bonny Moellenbrock
Executive Director of Investors’ Circle

Bonny discusses the need for tri-sector leadership in impact investing and how to talk with different investors, exciting trends in the field, and the role of Durham, NC-based Investors’ Circle in the impact investing ecosystem.

Ticora Jones
Division Chief at USAID

In this chat, Ticora talks about the need for tri-sector leadership, the importance of messaging your impact, and the skills needed to work in international development.

Eric Savage
Co-founder and President of Unitus Capital

Eric talks about the initial difficulties of starting a social investment bank, the satisfaction that comes from a career in impact, and the critical skills needed to be a successful impact investor.

Bart Houlahan
Co-founder of B Lab

Bart looks at how B Lab is changing the role of business in society, evidence of B Lab’s impact, what factors are critical to scaling your social venture, tri-sector leadership, and preserving a company’s mission through succession.

Karen Clune
Senior Innovation Advisor for USAID

Karen shares the challenges and opportunities in scaling global health social ventures, provides advice for students interested in international development, and talks about her inspiration for working in global health.

Sasha Dichter
Chief Innovation Officer for Acumen

Sasha talks with CASE about how the impact investing field has changed since it began and where it’s heading, what impact investors are looking for from social entrepreneurs, and the importance of measuring impact in social ventures.

Nick O’Donohoe
CEO of Big Society Capital

Nick talks about fostering the impact investing market in the UK, the role of government in market development, and how social entrepreneurship in the UK compares to the US.

Dave Ferguson
Director, Center for Development Innovation at USAID

In this interview, Ferguson shares his perspectives on international development, including the importance of technology and multisector partnerships, and advice for those seeking careers in the space.

Alden Zecha
Co-founder, CFO and Strategist for Sproxil

Alden shares the importance of relationship building with investors, challenges and lessons learned in scaling a social venture, and current trends in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Maya Chorengel
Co-founder of Elevar Equity

Maya talks about the evolution and measuring success in impact investing, getting the right capital for your venture, tri-sector leadership, and the role of public policy in supporting impact investing. 

Melissa Bradley
Co-founder of Ureeka

Melissa has vast and diverse impact experience, from starting successfully selling a social enterprise, working as an impact investor focused on entrepreneurs of color and female entrepreneurs, to serving as the acting director of the Social Innovation Fund in the Obama administration. She shares her learnings about the challenges of working with multiple stakeholders to solve social problems, and her advice to MBA students striving to become tri-sector leaders.

Michael MacHarg
Senior Advisor, Social Ventures at Mercy Corps; Co-founder of Simpa Networks

Mike is interested in entrepreneurial solutions to humanity’s challenges across food systems, shelter, energy, health and waste. In this video he talks about impact investing, tri-sector leadership, and offers advice for budding social entrepreneurs. 

John Goldstein
Co-founder and Managing Director of Imprint Capital Advisors

John talks about what makes impact investing so exciting, the challenges of execution in this field, and the skills required from the next generation of practitioners.

Michael Brown
Co-founder and CEO of City Year

In this chat, Michael shares lessons learned on scaling, his thoughts on tri-sector leadership and the future of social innovation.

Seth Goldman
Founder and TeaEO of Honest Tea

Seth talks about the challenges and lessons leader in scaling, measuring and leading a mission-driven business.

Chuck Slaughter
Founder and President of Living Goods

Chuck talks with CASE about scaling, partnerships and converging trends in social entrepreneurship.

Laurie J. Spengler
President and CEO of Enclude

Laurie talks about the gaps in the impact investing marketplace, Enclude’s lessons learned on investment readiness, and the future of impact investing.

Bill Eggers
Research Director for Deloitte, Public Sector Industry

Bill discusses the role of social entrepreneurs, government, and companies in the Solution Economy.