Scaling Through Mass Disruption

How do social enterprises and the funders that support them achieve impact at scale even in times of crisis, such as outbreak of war or disease?

In the face of the mass disruption caused by COVID-19, we worked with our Scaling Pathways partners on a video series called Scaling Through Mass Disruption, capturing how social enterprises adapt, pivot, manage finances, engage teams, and so much more in times of crisis. The social enterprises interviewed share advice and insights that can prepare organizations for inevitable future crises and disruptions.

Theme Compilations

Building Resilience
On any normal day, social enterprises face significant challenges trying to tackle major unsolved problems. Crises such as COVID19, political upheaval, and climate disasters only add to the challenge. Hear how six social impact leaders work to create resilient organizations that can continue the march toward impact.

Finding Hope
Social enterprise leaders share what gives them hope during times of crisis and challenge.

As Kevin Trapani, Co-Founder & CEO of The Redwoods Group, articulates, “Social entrepreneurs understand that nobody does anything that matters and lasts alone.” Hear how six organizations we interviewed are calling on and supporting partners in these challenging times.

Money Matters
Insights on everything from cutting costs, to fundraising, to investor communications during a major disruption.

Talent Management
How are social ventures leveraging their teams’ expertise in new ways, empowering decision-making at the front lines, and leaning heavily into values to accomplish it all?

Mission Balance

Social enterprises are always making difficult decisions to maximize both social impact and financial sustainability, but in times of crisis these decisions come into sharper focus. Hear how frameworks and long-term thinking guide the organizations we interviewed.

Full Interviews with Scaling Leaders

Whether you’re interested in a specific sector, region, or enterprise form, there is sure to be a conversation relevant to you.