Fundraising for Global Health Social Enterprises: Lessons from the Field

By Lila Cruikshank, Cathy Clark and Richard Bartlett

This report identifies common challenges and emerging best practices for fundraising in the global health field, drawing on interviews with investors and global health social enterprises (GHSEs). The mistakes and recommendations identified here are derived principally from the authors’ work with investors and innovators affiliated with the International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IPIHD) and the Social Enterprise Accelerator at Duke (SEAD). This is not an exhaustive guide, but endeavors to help GHSEs avoid common mistakes and be more strategic in fundraising efforts by helping them address three fundamental questions before they pitch to a potential funder or investor:
• What are you pitching?
• To whom are you pitching?
• How will you pitch?

CASEi3, 2014