Futures for Kids

By Ayse Guclu, J. Gregory Dees and Beth Battle Anderson

Geoff Cramer and Bill Ziefle’s plan to establish Futures For Kids (F4K), a nonprofit organization designed to provide high school kids with resources for exploring their post-high school educational, training and career opportunities, had seemed destined to succeed. But after a year, success no longer seemed so inevitable. Acquiring the necessary capital, developing partnerships across sectors and putting the organizational structure into place had proven to be tough challenges. Furthermore, they had not been able to devote enough time and thought to product development, without which they were having a hard time raising funds.

  • Background
  • The High School Counseling Industry
  • Birth of a Venture
  • The Product
  • The Pilot Project
  • The Economics
  • Looking Into the Future

CASE (CASE SE-01), 2002