The Fuqua Show Podcast – People, Money, and Ideas for Good with Cathy Clark

Cathy Clark (Faculty Director, CASE) is now one of the leading experts in social entrepreneurship, impact investing, and “business for good”…but this career path was mostly unplanned. After people literally laughed at the idea, she helped develop the standards for B Corps, now the global certification measuring companies’ social and environmental impact. She has since launched courses, co-authored a bestselling book on impact investing, and advised the White House and G7. In this episode, Cathy shares lessons from her personal journey, insights from the field, and why she’s hopeful for a better future.

This episode features questions from Lauren Bartels (’24), Varun Chintalapati (’24), Raiven Greenberg (’24), Marielena Octavio (’24), Herme Santiago (’24), Ryan Van Slyke (’24), and Saksham Khosla (Prospective).

Note: This is a student-run production. The opinions expressed in this podcast are the speakers’ own and do not reflect the official view of Duke University, the Fuqua School of Business, or any organizations mentioned.

September 13, 2023