The Fuqua Show Podcast – People, Money, and Ideas for Good with Cathy Clark

Cathy Clark (Faculty Director, CASE) is now one of the leading experts in social entrepreneurship, impact investing, and “business for good”…but this career path was mostly unplanned. After people literally laughed at the idea, she helped develop the standards for B Corps, now the global certification measuring companies’ social and environmental impact. She has since […]

ESG Standard Brief – SASB

SASB – Sustainability Accounting Standards Board is a voluntary reporting framework that identifies and provides guidance for sustainability-based topics within an industry and translates them to financially material information that can be used to make better investment decisions.  This Brief contains straightforward information to equip MBA students and practitioners with the answers to basic questions […]

ESG Standard Brief – CDP

CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project is one of the largest disclosure systems centered around climate change, water security and deforestation. Disclosing entities can use this data to make better informed climate, water and deforestation decisions, while the CDP can inform the general public about levels of global progress being made on critical climate issues.  This […]

ESG Standard Brief – CSRD

CSRD – Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive is a mandatory framework for making company sustainability reporting more common and standardized in the European Union. It is an update and replacement for the 2018 Non-Financial Reporting Directive. The first set of CSRD standards will go into effect throughout the European Union in 2023.  This Brief contains straightforward […]

4 Steps of Impact Management Video

This video explains the fundamental and universal steps a company or investor must take to manage impact on people and planet. This video is published in our publicly available Coursera course, Impact Measurement and Management for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Understanding Stakeholder Responses to Corporate-Citizenship Initiatives: Managerial Guidelines and Research Directions

By Steve Hoeffler, Paul N. Bloom and Kevin L. Keller Firms are increasingly devoting attention to corporate citizenship initiatives. Despite the great interest in these initiatives, there is little academic research on their potential effects to guide managerial decisions. This article draws on theories from the consumer behavior literature to identify how socially oriented programs […]

Normative Foundations of Business

What is the appropriate role for business to play in a capitalist society? In analyzing responses to this question, this note distinguishes two separate dimensions. The first involves the distinctive objective of business as a social institution, considers the pros and cons of profit maximization as well as alternatives to profit maximization such as putting […]