Impact Due Diligence and Management for Asset Allocators: A Field Guide

November 2023 About the Guide: “A Field Guide: Impact Due Diligence and Management for Asset Allocators” aims to drive more rigor and consistency in how asset allocators evaluate and manage private market funds that invest for positive impacts on people and the planet. Developed in 2023 through interviews with 50+ Limited Partners (LPs) and […]

How Can Impact Management Unlock Sustainable Development

CASE Faculty Director Cathy Clark shared this keynote address in September 2023 at the Impact Measurement and Management Summit: Time to Act in Türkiye

ESG Standard Brief – CDP

CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project is one of the largest disclosure systems centered around climate change, water security and deforestation. Disclosing entities can use this data to make better informed climate, water and deforestation decisions, while the CDP can inform the general public about levels of global progress being made on critical climate issues.  This […]

ESG Standard Brief – CSRD

CSRD – Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive is a mandatory framework for making company sustainability reporting more common and standardized in the European Union. It is an update and replacement for the 2018 Non-Financial Reporting Directive. The first set of CSRD standards will go into effect throughout the European Union in 2023.  This Brief contains straightforward […]

Best Practices, Challenges and Frameworks for Measuring and Managing Impact

Gratitude Railroad hosted a conversation with industry experts, fund managers, and academics – including CASE’s Cathy Clark – to discuss challenges, best practices, and frameworks for IMM. March 2022

Aspire Impact – Impact Masterclass

Aspire Impact in India hosted this Impact Masterclass in 2021 with Cathy Clark speaking about goals, impact assessment, stakeholder materiality, and other issues facing organizations striving to achieve impact. Cathy Clark December 14, 2021

Agents of Impact Call 31: Impact Measurement & Management for the SDGs

Cathy Clark shares a preview of CASE’s free online course on IMM for the SDGs with the ImpactAlpha community and talks about the fundamental elements of Impact Measurement and Management.

4 Steps of Impact Management Video

This video explains the fundamental and universal steps a company or investor must take to manage impact on people and planet. This video is published in our publicly available Coursera course, Impact Measurement and Management for the Sustainable Development Goals.

5 Dimensions of Impact Video

In this video, we explain the 5 Dimensions of Impact, first articulated by the Impact Management Project. The 5 Dimensions are integral to defining and managing your intended impact. This video is published in our publicly available Coursera course, Impact Measurement and Management for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Impact Measurement & Management for the Sustainable Development Goals

This free training takes both the enterprise and investor perspective on how to align with emerging standards for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. How can businesses and investors help fill the multi-trillion-dollar gap needed for sustainable development? Simply put: by incorporating sustainability and social impact factors on people and planet into management decisions. Through […]