Executive Education

At CASE, we’re obsessed with one question: How do social impact leaders leap the chasm from innovative idea to sustainable impact at scale?  For more than 15 years, we have been tackling this question from the perspectives of social enterprise leaders and impact investors.  As one of the top academic centers in the world, we generate unbiased research, translate those findings into practitioner-friendly lessons-learned, and train leaders to apply these lessons with the goal of scaling solutions to global challenges.

Scaling Social Impact

Even the most successful social enterprises face the daunting challenge of scaling social impact.  What makes the notion of scaling impact so elusive?  When there are so many mission-driven enterprises emerging around the world, why are there so few examples of social enterprises that scale to achieve broad and lasting impact?  How can social enterprises prepare for scaling their impact, know when they are ready, choose an appropriate pathway, and overcome common roadblocks on the scaling journey?

Through executive education, CASE helps social enterprises answer these questions and get smart about scaling their impact. Stay tuned for new offerings launching 2019!  Subscribe to the CASE Newsletter to be the first to learn more.

Impact Investing

Our executive education in impact investing brings field-leading experts to Duke for seminar-based classes led by CASE Faculty Director Cathy Clark. In these seminars, you will learn about the latest trends in designing your investment portfolio to maximize impact and turn your investment and philanthropy into a total portfolio strategy.

Learn more about our impact investing educational opportunities.