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Social enterprise leaders are busy. Through distilling our years of research and experience, CASE’s actionable, rigorous, and flexible online tools help users access and apply the right lessons at the right time, while also learning from the experiences of others. 

Scaling Readiness Diagnostic

As you work to ready your organization to achieve impact at scale, you need a custom training plan to help you identify and gain strength in areas of weakness, and clearly articulate your areas of strength.  At CASE at Duke, we’ve created a free tool to help you make this plan: the CASE Smart Impact Scaling Readiness Diagnostic

Assess your organization on all seven key scaling elements (38 questions), or explore each element one-by-one:

  1. IMPACT: Why does your organization exist? (4 questions)
  2. DEMAND: What are your clients’ needs? (5 questions)
  3. ECOSYSTEM: Do you know your opportunities and barriers? (5 questions)
  4. STRATEGY: How will you scale your impact? (6 questions)
  5. FINANCE: Is it financially viable? (6 questions)
  6. PEOPLE: Can your people power your plans? (6 questions)
  7. OPERATIONS: Do you have appropriate systems & infrastructure? (6 questions)

In minutes, you’ll answer the questions and receive a custom report with areas for growth, what that growth should look like, and suggested resources to help get you there.  This insight can also help you be specific in your funding requests, and help you track and show traction to your stakeholders.

Online Toolkit

CASE Smart Impact Capital is a 9-module online toolkit that makes impact investment fundraising easier.  Built for social entrepreneurs, accelerators, and educators, CASE Smart Impact Capital trains users to effectively and efficiently pursue the right capital at the right time. Learn more and purchase a  license at