B Lab
The CASE i3 B Lab and GIIRS Research project was initiated in Fall 2010 to stimulate and support high quality global research on for-profit social entrepreneurship data (through data collected by the non-profit B Lab) and impact investing funds and their investees (through data collected by the non-profit Global Impact Investing Rating System). The project is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. CASE i3 is working closely with the staff of B Lab and GIIRS to prepare releases of data to researchers through RFP processes and to serve as an intermediary extension of their staff in responding to all research requests during the duration of the project. In addition to spreading awareness of this data, educating academics around how the surveys work, preparing the databases, and producing code books for researchers, CASE i3 is also working closely with B Lab to use researcher feedback to improve data collection content and practice. For more information, please contact Carrie Gonnella.

Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD)
A key part of the SEAD program is to increase the understanding of the ecosystem factors in East Africa and India that foster or inhibit productive, scalable, high impact innovations in health care – including such things as laws and regulations, political conditions, and access to financial and philanthropic markets. Ultimately, SEAD aims to develop recommendations for USAID, government policy makers, private development actors, and global health entrepreneurs based on this increased understanding. Additionally, many of the SEAD social entrepreneurs are interested in collaborations with researchers to help them evaluate the efficacy and impact of their specific programs.

While funding for researchers is limited, we can work with researchers to connect them with SEAD innovators and others to help them in their global health and scaling innovation research. For more information, please contact Kim Langsam.

Researcher FAQ