Internship Profile

Summer Internship with NK Squared

Ashwin Pant, Daytime MBA 2024

Working closely with Nikhil Kamath (India’s youngest billionaire) at his family office for three months allowed me a unique opportunity to work on a rotational basis with Rainmatter Foundation, a non-profit organization allied to the umbrella of the family office, and supporting climate action, a healthier environment, and associated livelihoods.

My coursework in entrepreneurial strategy, entrepreneurial and venture capital finance, paired with my involvement in Duke’s MBA Consulting Club and Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, enabled me to effectively evaluate organizations seeking funding and accurately size the climate philanthropy market in India as part of my project on preparing a comprehensive analysis of the Indian climate philanthropy ecosystem with detailed action items.

My background as an in-house legal counsel for Accel facilitated my data sourcing. I leveraged my prior relationships with industry experts and government officials, enhancing the project’s accuracy. Experiences gained while interning with Supreme Court Judges ensured the policy recommendations were pragmatic and would yield real-world results. Rainmatter Foundation’s commitment to the environment and substantial funding for ecosystem preservation projects informed my strategic recommendations.

My experiences with Rainmatter have solidified my commitment to driving change at the intersection of business, public policy, and law. Moreover, the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration was a standout lesson from the internship. As my career progresses, I aim to foster partnerships across various sectors, believing in the power of diverse perspectives to yield innovative solutions to pressing societal challenges.

Moving forward, I plan to utilize the insights from this internship. With an MBA anchored in Finance and Strategy concentration, I’m prepared to assist social impact entrepreneurs in navigating India’s bureaucratic, judicial, and start-up challenges. My exposure to the intricacies of evaluating organizations for impact and potential will be invaluable as I collaborate with start-ups and innovators to mentor and guide these budding entrepreneurs.

This internship was supported by the Student Internship Fund, which enables first-year Duke MBA students to learn about the rewards and challenges of using business to drive positive impact without making a significant financial sacrifice. The program enables organizations that otherwise could not afford to hire MBA student interns to benefit from students’ expertise. Funds are raised through student fundraising and from donors who believe in the mission of the program. If you would like to contribute, you can donate online using your credit card.