Financial Aid

The cost of an MBA education at a leading business school is not insignificant. CASE aims to reduce this financial burden and attract the most talented students dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. In addition to other sources of financial aid at Fuqua, Daytime MBA students and alumni with an interest in the social sector may be eligible for the following financial aid programs:

CASE Social Sector Scholarship

Awarded to select incoming Daytime MBA students who are committed to applying their business skills in pursuit of social impact.

Applicants may indicate an interest in being considered tor the CASE scholarship by checking the appropriate box in the financial aid section of the Daytime MBA program admissions application. Applications will be reviewed by the schools’ merit scholarship committee and by CASE. There is not a separate application process for the CASE scholarship.

Scholarship recipients will receive at least 25% tuition support for their two years at Fuqua as well as funding from the CASE Summer Internship Fund (if they complete an eligible internship according to the SIF guidelines – link to SIF section).

Scholarship awardees will be notified shortly after receiving notice of their admission to The Duke MBA. For more information, please visit the Fuqua admissions site.

To learn more about CASE Scholarship recipients, click here.

Peace Corps Coverdell Fellowship

Awarded to select incoming Daytime MBA students who successfully completed service as Peace Corps volunteers. Coverdell Fellows receive a scholarship of 25% tuition and fees, plus consideration for other merit-based scholarships and financial aid awards based upon the strength of their applications. Throughout their enrollment, Peace Corps Fellows will be required to undertake a significant service project in the Durham community.

See more details here or contact Samira Wellemeyer, RPCV Moldova 2005-07 and Director of Fuqua’s International Programs Office, for more information.

CASE Summer Internship Fund and Class of 1990 Funding

CASE SUMMER INTERNSHIP FUND (SIF): Thanks to the Duke MBA Net Impact Club’s fundraising efforts and support from Fuqua and other donors, CASE provides financial assistance to first-year students who pursue summer internships with nonprofit organizations and public agencies. SIF is a matching fund with two benefits: 1) enabling students to learn about the rewards and challenges of social sector management without making a significant financial sacrifice and 2) enabling organizations that otherwise could not afford to hire MBA student interns to benefit from their expertise. Read about previous SIF interns here.

CLASS OF 1990 SCHOLARSHIP: The Duke MBA Daytime Class of 1990 established an endowment to provide assistance to first-year students who choose a paid or unpaid summer internship with a nonprofit organization, public agency, for-profit social enterprise or small business. The annual amount available for this scholarship depends on endowment earnings. Funding priority goes to student internships with (1) nonprofit organizations or public agencies, (2) for-profit social enterprises and (3) small businesses, in that order of preference.

Students: Current Daytime MBA students pursuing a full-time, minimum 8 week summer internship with an eligible organization. The internship must utilize MBA skills, be well-defined with adequate supervision and have a significant impact on the organization.

Organizations: Nonprofits (501(c)(3)) and public sector agencies are eligible for both funds. For-profit social enterprises and small businesses are only eligible for Class of 1990 funding. Organizations may not have the promotion of a particular political party or candidate as its core mission and may not be primarily religious in nature, though may have a religious affiliation.

FUNDING: The maximum award to a single recipient (through SIF, 1990 or a combination of both) is $5,000. Total income from all sources (SIF/1990 + employer) is not to exceed $10,000. The award amount is dependent upon the availability of and demand for funding. It will be disbursed to qualifying students as tuition credits.

APPLYING: There is one application for both programs. If you are a student who meets the eligibility requirements above, apply online by Monday, March 26, 2018 @ 2pm:

The two-part application process includes 1) the online application & 2) submission of supporting materials via email: a short essay, your resume & internship offer letter. If you have already accepted an internship offer (or plan to accept) by March 26th, COMPLETE the two-part application. If you are currently seeking a qualifying internship & would like funding consideration, please send an e-mail of intent by March 26th to See additional details in the program description link below.

For detailed application information & eligibility guidelines, download the 2018 CASE SIF/1990 Program Description. Please contact with any questions.

Loan Assistance Program

The Fuqua Loan Assistance Program (LAP) provides financial assistance, in the form of loan forgiveness awards, to qualifying Duke MBA—Daytime alumni who work full-time for eligible nonprofit and government organizations. To read more about the requirements and application process, visit