Lorraine Orr: Empowering Local Leadership & Keeping National Standards

Empowering local leaders while keeping national standards

Leading a national social venture is no simple task, especially under a federated model. How do you balance the need for national standards while embracing local adaptation for impact? In this episode of CASE in Point, we continue our conversation with Lorraine Orr, COO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). In this […]

“Be A Social Entrepreneur” with Greg Dees

This post originally appeared on Southern New Hampshire University’s Be a Social Entrepreneur blog in April 2013. J. Gregory Dees has been the recipient of the Ashoka and Aspen Institute Lifetime Achievement Award in Social Entrepreneurship and continues to share his knowledge in the classroom and the world. How did you get started in social entrepreneurship?I was drawn […]

The Impact Investing Wave

April 2011, Cathy Clark I attended the Skoll World Forum last week and had a realization. Yes, social entrepreneurs are working constantly to refine their business models, but right now, many are worried about very specific business model challenges. Forming a social business. Creating business models that produce profit. Setting up a for-profit. Considering impact investment. I […]