Pivoting to Impact: Changing Sectors in Pursuit of Social Change

Tiffany Hsieh, Duke MBA class of 2018 and Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) Scholar, always knew that she wanted to focus her career on ensuring equitable opportunities for others through education. What she didn’t know, however, is that she could take a number of different paths in a variety of sectors, such […]

Fuqua Class of 2012 Commits to Action & Raises over $10,000 for Racial Justice

As Dan Baum, a Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) Fellow from the Duke MBA class of 2012, emailed with some of his fellow classmates to plan a virtual reunion, George Floyd was brutally killed, and their entire conversation shifted. Just as so many have reignited discussions about racial injustice and police brutality […]

How Tri-Sector Collaboration is Critical in Creating COVID-19 Response Funds

Despite all the challenges that COVID-19 has brought, Beth Bafford, Vice President of Syndications and Strategy at Calvert Impact Capital, Duke MBA class of 2012 and CASE i3 Advisory Council member, is hopeful about one thing: we can all do so much more when we work together. “The old saying rings true: ‘When you want […]

The CASE and CASE i3 Fellowship Programs: A Community Like No Other

If Hannah Ford, Duke MBA class of 2018, had to describe the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) Fellowship program in one word, she would say it is community. In fact, from building skills in fellow-led design thinking workshops at Fuqua to participating in a virtual book club with her cohort years after […]

Three Pieces of Advice for Recent Graduates Looking For Jobs – From an Impact-Driven Fuqua Alumnus

When Jonathan Woodward, Duke MBA Class of 2019 and Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) Scholar, sent out the initial Fuqua First Jobs Newsletter, he thought no one would sign up. In a mere 48 hours, however, all of that changed. Over 300 people signed up almost instantly and dozens of Fuqua alumni, […]

Launching Social Impact Changemakers, One Innovation at a Time

If Tim Scales, a 2017 Duke University Fuqua School of Business alum and former Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) Fellow, could give one piece of advice to aspiring social impact leaders, he would tell them that they should start a social enterprise. This is because, while at Fuqua, Scales had the opportunity […]

Recent Graduates Working at Certified B Corporations Are Now Eligible for the Loan Assistance Program

For the past 25 years, CASE Advisory Board Member and CEO and co-founder of The Redwoods Group, Kevin Trapani, has had a consistent career goal: to be regarded as the worst CEO in his company’s history. To many, this career goal may seem strange. For Trapani, however, having subsequent leaders that continue to strengthen the […]

Sector Switching: Navigating the Transition from the Private Sector to the Social Impact Sector

This post was written by John Troy, founder of WorkMonger and Fuqua MBA 2009 alumnus. He is also a former sector switcher who remains thrilled he made the transition to the social impact sector. Learn more and stay connected with WorkMonger on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Over the last 6 years, I’ve worked with hundreds […]

A Year of Impact and Progress  

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. ~ Thomas Edison A university-wide Ebola Innovation Challenge that inspired 160+ students to think about how they can use their skills to solve real world challenges. Twenty-five global health social entrepreneurs who are touching tens of millions of people […]

Q&A with CASE Alumnus Beth Bafford

Beth Bafford (MBA ’12) serves as the Senior Officer of Strategic Initiatives at the Calvert Foundation, a social impact debt fund that provides innovative financial products to increase capital access to underserved communities. While at Fuqua, Beth was actively involved with CASE through CASE i3, Fuqua on Board and the MBA Net Impact Club.  This interview […]