Audrey Choi on Integrating Sustainability in Finance

Audrey Choi has taken a rather circuitous route to her current role as Chief Sustainability Officer for multinational investment bank Morgan Stanley, with a common thread being a deep curiosity and commitment to learning.

Impact Investing at the 2018 Sustainable Business and Social Impact Conference

This post was written by Kat McNeil, Daytime MBA student and CASE i3 Fellow in April 2018 The world of impact investing is rapidly changing with the entrance of large, international investing firms. Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, and the list goes on. Driven by their customers, public opinion, private conviction, or a […]

CASE Smart Impact Capital Launches at SOCAP17

A version of this post originally appeared on the SOCAP blog in October 2017. You can read the original post here. You can visit the CASE Smart Impact Capital website here. Does this sound familiar? You’re an impact entrepreneur and you spend more time and effort than you can really afford on fundraising. You’re searching for investors […]

The Effect of Inserting the Impact Variable: SOCAP16

This post was written by Zen Dedekind, CASE i3 Fellow and Co-Chair, in October 2016. Zen attended SOCAP, the annual conference in San Francisco that brings together impact investors, social entrepreneurs, foundations, corporations, global nonprofits, and others contributing to a vibrant marketplace for socially, environmentally and economically sustainable solutions. For more information about SOCAP, visit their website. Impact […]

29 Orgs Committed $1.5B to Impact Investing. Where’s the Money after 18 Months?

September 2016, Cathy Clark, Faculty Director of CASE I got the call from the White House, in May 2014. “We’re going to have some major new commitments of impact investment capital at the meeting in June. Would you be interested in helping us track how the money is spent?” What do you say to a […]

From Lemonade to Babies: 8 Lessons on How to Talk About Impact Investing

This post originally appeared on B the Change Media in August 2016. Cathy Clark, Faculty Director of CASE The other day my 8-year-old daughter sat at the barstool in front of our kitchen island and asked me to explain to her what impact investing is. She knew my book was on this topic, that I […]

Navigating Impact Investing: The Opportunity in Impact Classes

July 2016 The growth in interest in impact investing has been steady over recent years, with a newly released study by U.S Trust showing that 93% of millennials interviewed saying social impact is key to their investing decisions. Despite this, multiple barriers still exist that inhibit many investment managers from entering the field. These barriers can […]

CASE Tracking Clean Energy Impact Investments

July 2015, Cathy Clark, Faculty Director of CASE Why we are monitoring what happens through impact investing capital announced by the White House in 2014 Today at the White House, the Obama Administration announced private sector and executive action commitments of more than $4 Billion to climate change solutions. The White House is holding a […]

Aspiring to Something Better: Book Review of The Impact Investor

Impact Investor

This review was written by Jem Hudson, founder of the Caldy Group, in December 2014. To read the original post and other insights, subscribe to the Caldy Group blog here. “The stakes are high. If impact investing spurs the socialization and growth in Collaborative Capitalism that we believe it will, for the first time in history […]

To Grow Impact Investing, Focus on Multilingual Leadership

This article by Cathy Clark and Ben Thornley was originally posted on the Huffington Post in September 2014. Click here to read the original post.  September 15, 2014, will be remembered for the release of a seminal report on impact investing, care of an international taskforce backed by eight country advisory boards and four topical working groups. […]