Education, Global Health & Community Development at SBSI 2013

This post was written in April 2013 by Maddy Devine, a first year student at Fuqua and one of the track managers for the 2013 SBSI conference. As one of the track managers of the Net Impact Club’s Sustainable Business & Social Impact conference, I had been tasked with pulling together three panels that encompassed […]

Interview with Greg Dees: Reflections on Teaching Social Entrepreneurship

David Bornstein recently wrote about “The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur” in the New York Times.  His blog notes the rapid increase in social entrepreneurship education – from only a handful of courses taught in 2002, to more than “350 professors and researchers focusing on the topic in more than 35 countries” by 2008, and continuing […]

Summer Internship with Gates Foundation: The Impact of Impatient Optimism

This post was written in October 2012 by second year student, Carla Hickman. Carla spent her summer interning with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, Washington. I have always worked in the education sector, and arriving at Fuqua, it was a passion and career path I knew I would continue to follow. During […]