My summer internship working on healthcare in Rwanda

This post was written by Emily Mason, a second-year Fuqua MBA student, in September 2017. Here is a scenario of two girls. The first girl has access—to a smartphone, strong education systems, and routine health exams— and thus, access to the potential of a healthy life. The second girl lives in a slum and is […]

Breaking the Paradigm: Nonprofit (Good) vs. For-Profit (Evil)

SightLife-Monty Montoya Talk

This post was written by Simone Pitre, Program Associate at Innovations in Healthcare, a partner in the Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD), in March 2017. The 2017 Sustainable Business and Social Impact (SBSI) conference focused on how business can tackle global challenges by exploring innovative models and collaborative partnerships that are already working to […]

CASE Chat with Ticora Jones, Division Chief, USAID Higher Solutions Education Network (HESN)

July 2016 This month’s CASE Chat features Ticora Jones, Division Chief of the Higher Solutions Education Network (HESN). HESN is a partnership between USAID and seven top universities, including Duke University, designed to channel the ingenuity of university students, researchers, and faculty towards global development. In the CASE Chat, Ticora discusses the need for tri-sector leadership, the importance […]

4 Lessons on Scaling Social Ventures through Partnerships

May 2016 Bigger isn’t always better. That’s one key headline global health entrepreneurs offered staff of USAID’s Center for Accelerating Innovation & Impact  and Higher Education Solutions Network during a recent panel discussion titled Lessons Learned on the Journey to Scale. During the panel SEAD innovators from ayzh, Forus Health, Operation ASHA, and Noora Health […]

Barbara Bush on Building Global Health Leaders: SBSI16

April 2016 Tuberculosis. Zika Virus. High newborn and maternal death rates. Global health challenges such as these can seem insurmountable in the face of funding gaps, slow moving bureaucracies, infrastructure weaknesses, and other system-level challenges. This year at the Sustainable Business and Social Impact Conference the CEO and Co-Founder of Global Health Corps, Barbara Bush, discussed […]

SBSI16: A New Decade of Impact-Oriented MBAs

This post was written by Fuqua MBA ’17 Christa Register in April 2016. Prior to coming to Fuqua, Christa spent two years working in rural Africa with the Peace Corps, followed by two years at a social-impact consulting firm in Washington, DC. She is currently pursuing a career in investment banking to better understand the inner […]

Driving Innovation to Save Lives: My Internship with PATH

This post was written by Daytime MBA 2016 and CASE Scholar Alejandra Gerosa in March 2016. Alejandra came to Fuqua from a career as an advocate for organizations dedicated to making a difference. Most recently, she worked for independent humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders, managing face to face fundraising in the organization’s Spain association. She […]

CASE Chat with Karen Clune, Senior Innovation Advisor, Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact at USAID

March 2016 This month’s CASE Chat features Karen Clune, Senior Innovation Advisor, Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact at USAID. Karen will be joining us later this month at our annual Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD) Summit and Symposium. SEAD, in partnership with USAID and the USAID Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN), works with […]

My Internship with Noora Health: Empowering Families as Caregivers

This post was written by Karen Ottoni, Fuqua MBA 2016 in November 2015. Karen arrived at the Fuqua School of Business after spending several years living abroad in Burundi and Ethiopia working in international development, primarily with USAID and USAID-funded projects. The experience inspired her to explore disruptive innovations happening at the intersection of business and social impact […]

Vaatsalya & Sevamob: The “Food Truck” Approach to Scaling Up Health

September 2015 The 7,000 miles between Clover, a bustling, chain of healthy fast food restaurants in Boston, and Vaatsalya Heathcare Solutions, a chain of hospitals serving patients in semi-rural cities in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, might seem too great a distance for innovation to percolate. But when Dr. Ashwin Naik, who co-founded Vaatsalya in 2005, heard best-selling […]