Aspiring to Something Better: Book Review of The Impact Investor

Impact Investor

This review was written by Jem Hudson, founder of the Caldy Group, in December 2014. To read the original post and other insights, subscribe to the Caldy Group blog here. “The stakes are high. If impact investing spurs the socialization and growth in Collaborative Capitalism that we believe it will, for the first time in history […]

Multilingual Leadership: Cracking the Code

This post by Cathy Clark, Jed Emerson, and Ben Thornley was originally published on the SOCAP14 blog in September 2014. To visit the original post, click here. Last year at SOCAP, we had the privilege of sharing the high-level findings from our Impact Investing 2.0 research project, which included a dozen case studies of outstanding funds and […]

Impact Investing and Global Finance: The Big Picture

This article by Cathy Clark and Ben Thornley was first published in the Huffington Post Blog in April 2014. Click here to read the original post.  One of the interesting and important recent developments in wealth management has been the emergence of a group of clients committed to investing with impact across their entire portfolios, […]

Opening the Curtain on the New 2.0 Era of Impact Investing

This article by Cathy Clark and Ben Thornley was originally published on the Huffington Post in November 2013. Impact investing has not been growing as quickly as many practitioners might have hoped. Knowledge of what does and does not work in impact investing remains closely held. And because impact investing is unconventional (blending capital market […]

Impact Investing 2.0: What $3 Billion Tells Us About the Next $300 Billion

This article by Cathy Clark and Jed Emerson was originally published on the Huffington Post in September 2013. Earlier this month in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR), Paul Brest and Kelly Born wrote avery thoughtful pieceabout the difficulty of achieving real impact alongside financial returns for impact investors. Their thesis was so provocative that over […]