Welcome to Our New CASE Advisory Council Chair Ben Hecht!

CASE Advisory Council Chairs and Erin Worsham

Since 2014, the CASE Advisory Council has been led by Kevin Trapani. As President and CEO of The Redwoods Group, Kevin has had a keen eye for upcoming issues and trends in the social impact space and how CASE can continue to be at the forefront of these trends. He has also played a pivotal […]

Announcing the New CASE Advisory Council

Since 2002, CASE has been a leader in the field of social entrepreneurship, serving as a hub for research, teaching and practitioner engagement. We pride ourselves on not just being an academic center or teaching institution, but also connecting theory to practice, ensuring that our work is informed by and resonates with practitioners in the […]

Day in Durham: Global Leaders Start at Home!

This post was written by Katie Campbell and Alejandra Gerosa, both first year Duke MBA students. Katie and Ale reflect on the 11th annual Day in Durham – where more than 1700 Fuqua first years have explored the Durham community and been inspired to use their business skills for social impact. After a few weeks of climbing […]

“Your Impact Starts Here”: Day in Durham 2011

CASE and the Fuqua Net Impact Club recently hosted the 8th annual Day in Durham. Every year, we organize this event to introduce new Fuqua students to Durham where they’ll spend the next two years.  The goal is to whet their appetites for getting involved in the Durham community and for a career focused on responsible business […]