Investing in the Latin American Emerging Middle Class – Hearing from Alvaro Rodriguez Arregui of IGNIA Partners


This post was written by Pia Morante, a second-year Duke MBA student, CASE i3 Fellow, and a member of the Fuqua chapter of the Net Impact Club in April 2017. This month we had the pleasure to welcome Alvaro Rodriguez Arregui, CASE i3 Advisory Board member, to Fuqua. Alvaro is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of […]

Demand Dividend and Revenue-based Financing in Latin America: Q&A with Rich Ambrose of Pomona Impact

Pomona Impact Cacao

March 2017 Pomona Impact launched in Guatamala in 2011 and makes investments in small growing businesses in Central America, Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador. Pomona Impact particularly targets firms that improve the lives of people living in the bottom of the economic pyramid and/or benefit the environment, and has thus far made investments ranging from $50,000 […]

Ending Needless Blindness in Mexico: My Internship with salaUno

This post was written by MBA student Tim Morilla in October 2014. During this summer Tim interned at salaUno, an eye care clinic in Mexico that seeks to offer high quality eye care service at affordable prices. Tim’s internship was supported by the International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IPIHD), the Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at […]

The Challenges of Global Health

Dr. Krishna Udayakumar gave this TED-style talk as part of CASE’s 10th anniversary celebration in December 2012. “If you are born in some places in sub-saharan Africa, you can expect to live less than half as long as someone who is born in Western Europe.” That is how Dr. Krishna Udayakumar – a Fuqua alum […]

Jorge Becerra and BCG and Social Impact in Latin America

This post was written in March 2012 by Amy Snyder, a second year Duke MBA and CASE Fellow.  Amy reflects on a recent visit from Jorge Becerra, Senior Partner and Managing Director in BCG’s Santiago office.  Jorge is the regional leader of BCG’s Community and Economic Development work in the Americas and Head of BCG’s Financial Institutions and […]