Made to Stick for the Social Sector: The Quest for Messages that Resonate

Meet Rokia. A little girl in Mali, Rokia’s family is extremely poor and often goes without food. Her family has difficulty affording basic needs such as healthcare and education. Rokia isn’t real but the impact of her story is. In 2004, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University conducted a study to see what sorts of messaging […]

Update on CASE Activities

Time for CASE’s quarterly check-in! Read about some of our recent happenings: Our most recent newsletter is chock full of goodies – an interview with Greg Dees, recaps of events with Antony Bugg-Levine and Benetech’s Jim Fruchterman, and our fun holiday video!  Read on (and sign up to make sure you receive the next newsletter at! Prefer […]

Catching Up With CASE

You always hear us say we are busy.  Are you wondering why? Read on … The White House … students giving back to the Durham community … lessons in scaling … launch of CASE i3 … and more! Read all about it in our most recent newsletter (and sign up to make sure you receive the next […]