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4 Lessons on Scaling Social Ventures through Partnerships

Bigger isn’t always better. That’s one key headline global health entrepreneurs offered staff of USAID’s Center for Accelerating Innovation & Impact  and Higher Education Solutions Network during a recent panel discussion titled Lessons Learned on the Journey to Scale. During …

Alden Zecha, Sproxil, on Scaling

Alden Zecha, Co-Founder, CFO and Strategist for Sproxil, talks about the importance of relationship building with investors, challenges and lessons learned in scaling a social venture, and current trends in the field of social entrepreneurship.

The Key Drivers of Scaling

By Paul N. Bloom Scaling means achieving more efficient, effective, and widespread adoption of an innovation–getting a huge bang for the bucks invested. Whether you want to become the next Google or the next Habitat for Humanity, scaling is a …