Women Social Entrepreneurs Share Tips of the Trade

Women Social Entrepreneurs

This post was written by Katie Jansen and originally posted on Duke Today in November 2016. You can find the original post here. Four female innovators told a Duke audience last week that social entrepreneurship was a way for women to challenge the status quo. The four entrepreneurs spoke Nov. 16 at a panel co-sponsored […]

Day in Durham: Spending Time in the Muck

This post was written by Tiffany Hsieh, a 2018 Fuqua MBA in August 2016. For the past three years, she conducted impact evaluations of education programs at the non-profit, independent research institute SRI International. She previously taught middle school special education in Colorado as a Teach for America corps member. Tiffany received her undergraduate degree […]

A Summer Interning in Social Impact Bonds and Healthcare

Julia Korn SIF

This post was written by Julia Korn, Daytime MBA 2017, in August 2016. Julia came to Fuqua from a career in healthcare. Most recently, she worked for North Shore-LIJ Health System (now Northwell Health). At Fuqua she is a CASE Fellow and the co-lead of the Net Impact Careers Cabinet. She graduated magna cum laude […]

4 Lessons on Scaling Social Ventures through Partnerships

May 2016 Bigger isn’t always better. That’s one key headline global health entrepreneurs offered staff of USAID’s Center for Accelerating Innovation & Impact  and Higher Education Solutions Network during a recent panel discussion titled Lessons Learned on the Journey to Scale. During the panel SEAD innovators from ayzh, Forus Health, Operation ASHA, and Noora Health […]

CASE Chat with Karen Clune, Senior Innovation Advisor, Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact at USAID

March 2016 This month’s CASE Chat features Karen Clune, Senior Innovation Advisor, Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact at USAID. Karen will be joining us later this month at our annual Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD) Summit and Symposium. SEAD, in partnership with USAID and the USAID Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN), works with […]

3 Questions to Consider Before Starting Your Social Venture

This post was written by CASE Executive-in-Residence and Sproxil Co-Founder Alden Zecha in March 2016. He has over 25 years of experience in more than 35 countries and has founded several companies, including SEAD Innovator Sproxil, Inc., a social venture that provides a consumer SMS and app product verification service to help consumers avoid purchasing […]

CASE Chat with Sasha Dichter, Chief Innovation Officer at Acumen

February 2016 Ahead of our annual Advisory Council meeting held at the Fuqua School of Business, this month’s CASE Chat features one of our CASE i3 council members Sasha Dichter, Chief Innovation Officer at Acumen. Sasha has been a leader in social entrepreneurship and impact investing for many years and offers his insights on a […]

Made to Stick for the Social Sector: The Quest for Messages that Resonate

November 2015 Meet Rokia. A little girl in Mali, Rokia’s family is extremely poor and often goes without food. Her family has difficulty affording basic needs such as healthcare and education. Rokia isn’t real but the impact of her story is. In 2004, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University conducted a study to see what sorts […]

My Internship with Noora Health: Empowering Families as Caregivers

This post was written by Karen Ottoni, Fuqua MBA 2016 in November 2015. Karen arrived at the Fuqua School of Business after spending several years living abroad in Burundi and Ethiopia working in international development, primarily with USAID and USAID-funded projects. The experience inspired her to explore disruptive innovations happening at the intersection of business and social impact […]

#OptOutside: REI’s Latest Marketing Ploy or Something More?

October 2015 The day after Thanksgiving has long been the unofficial start of the American holiday shopping season and is a pivotal day of profits for U.S. retailers. Last year, 87 million Americans shopped on Black Friday and accounted for $50.9 billion in sales. As competition for customers has grown fiercer with the increase in online […]