A Year of Growing Our Impact: Recapping the 2015-2016 Academic Year

The end of the academic year is bittersweet.  We say goodbye to our graduating students that just two years ago were simply names on applications but now are like family that have blossomed at Fuqua and are heading off to accomplish great things. It is also a time when the pace slows and we can […]

Stories: Old, Outdated, Necessary

This post was written by Xander Kent, a third year dual Masters of Environmental Management and Business Administration (MEM/MBA) candidate at Duke’s Nicholas School of Environment and Fuqua School of Business. Xander has helped lead the Net Impact Club and has been actively involved in social impact throughout his time at Duke. In his spare […]

Making the Case for More Data

This post originally appeared on the Social Edge.  Join the conversation there! When Greg Dees and I started our blog over six months ago, it was to get feedback on some of the patterns and trends we had been seeing in our research on business models for social entrepreneurs. We shared the results of our global surveys, posted individual profiles […]