Thomas E. Perez at SBSI 2015: Creating an Economy of Shared Prosperity through Leadership

US Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez at the Sustainable Business and Social Impact (SBSI) Conference

This post was written by Emily Silman, Duke MBA student and a member of the Fuqua chapter of the Net Impact Club, in March 2015. Government and business: to many people, these two entities mix about as well as oil and water. So it may have seemed surprising to some that the closing keynote speaker at […]

Leadership’s Next Frontier: Tri-Sector

This post by Erin Worsham, CASE Executive Director, originally appeared on The Huffington Post March 4, 2015. Our team at CASE has studied social entrepreneurship and scaling social impact for over a decade. During that time, one thing that has been clear is that organizations striving to achieve impact at scale are most successful when […]

SBSI 2015: A Decade of Ideas, A Lifetime of Action

This post was written by Mary O’Donnell, Duke MBA student and a CASE Fellow, in March 2015. Mary, along with fellow Duke MBA student Blaise Cote, was the co-director of the 2015 Sustainable Business and Social Impact conference. As a MBA student at Fuqua, I am empowered every time I hear Fuqua Dean Boulding state […]