Industry expertise leads to innovation and a growing business

David Hailey, the founder and CEO of Countalytics, doesn’t come from the traditional background of the founder of a tech company. David’s background is in auditing and consulting, as reinforced by his nearly two decades spent working as a risk manager at EY and a General Manager at Delta Airlines in their Corporate Audit department. […]

The Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurship during Business School

When I came into my first year at Fuqua, second year of my dual-degree overall, I had decided it was time to embrace something different. Fresh off an internship at WeWork, I had entrepreneurial inspiration and an idea for applying techniques I learned during my internship to a new context. I wanted to develop a […]

Entrepreneurial Mindset: the common thread from consulting to startup to Google

Tim Sestrich MBA '16

Tim Sestrich loves to tinker and fills his time creating side projects. This has always been true, even as an undergraduate where he devoted his senior project to building and launching an apartment search website that would compete with Craigslist for the University of Pittsburgh’s student body. Tim drew inspiration from the first post-dotcom bubble […]

Building a health and wellness franchising powerhouse

Wayne Cavanaugh, the founder and current CEO of Ninja Nation, had his first experience as an entrepreneur as an undergraduate at DePaul University. Along with a few friends, Cavanaugh briefly ran a valet service for local restaurants before joining the workforce in the finance and private equity industry. This mix of entrepreneurial spirit and financial […]

Jumping at opportunities

Marty Steyn in New Ventures class

Hi, my name is Marty Steyn. I was born in the “lowfeld” of South Africa and was fortunate enough to be raised between these African savannahs and the gumtrees of Australia. Prior to Fuqua, I spent 8 years as a management consultant, where I helped management teams develop and implement turnaround strategies for their failing […]

Yahya Remtulla, Daytime MBA ’21, awarded CEI “E-ternship” Grant

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) has awarded Yahya Remtulla, Daytime MBA ’21, a CEI Summer Entrepreneurial Internship (“E-ternship”) Grant to support his pursuit of a new venture between his first and second years. Remtulla has founded Doctor’s Choice UV Sterilizers, a UV-C sterilization solution for in-home use. The idea came about after Remtulla […]

Alan Ma, Daytime MBA ’20, awarded CEI Entrepreneurship Grant

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) has awarded Alan Ma, Daytime MBA ’20, student loan assistance from the Fuqua Entrepreneurship Grants to support him in his role as Co-Founder and VP of Business Operations at CasTag Biosciences in Durham. CasTag Biosciences has developed a novel CRISPR gene editing technology to allow functional studies of […]

Fuqua Entrepreneurs’ Thoughts on what else entrepreneurs and the business community should be considering

Profiles of eight Fuqua alumni entrepreneurs

5th in our five-part special series, Fuqua Entrepreneurs’ Insights on the Road Ahead Shankar Musunuri: Leaders need to stay positive and continue to motivate your teams.  Life won’t be the same for next 1-2 years.  However, this pandemic will pass eventually.  You need to be strong and compassionate as a leader.  You have to make […]

Fuqua Entrepreneurs’ Thoughts on the relationship between business and society

Profiles of eight Fuqua alumni entrepreneurs

3rd in our five-part special series, Fuqua Entrepreneurs’ Insights on the Road Ahead Shankar Musunuri: Many businesses are contributing to society in this crisis including manufacture of PPEs (personal protection equipment). In our Pharma Industry, if they have ability to contribute to development of new vaccines, therapeutics or diagnostics, they are jumping in to contribute […]