Fuqua Entrepreneurs’ Thoughts on the path forward

Profiles of eight Fuqua alumni entrepreneurs

1st in our five-part special series, Fuqua Entrepreneurs’ Insights on the Road Ahead Brian Hamilton: As businesses prepare to reopen and are forced to consider new processes and procedures around employee and customer safety, I’m concerned about how much time new standards take to develop. Most businesses are typically at capacity, so, like the data security issues of […]

CEI Alumni Blog – When a pandemic teaches you what you really need

Suneet Bhatt graduated from Fuqua in ‘06. He’s been working for over 20 years and as a result of that, and really, not much else, he’s gathered some experiences he’s happy to share. When he’s not helping run Boldr, he’s thinking up new children’s books for his side hustle, Dream Village. No matter what he’s […]

Fuqua Entrepreneurs’ Insights on the Road Ahead

Profiles of eight Fuqua alumni entrepreneurs

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business reached out to eight of our distinguished entrepreneurial alumni to get their thoughts on what the world will look like as we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. These entrepreneurs have created new markets, shifted industries, and persevered when their backs were against the […]

A passion for business and the Fuqua network led to a dream startup role

Alan Ma, Daytime MBA '20

Alan Ma, Co-Founder & VP of Business Operations, CasTag Biosciences Growing up the son of two engineers in the Bay Area, Alan Ma recently realized he had always wanted to be a CEO. Not for the money or power, but because after seeing the impacts of the dotcom bust at a young age, Alan realized […]

Starting business school with an entrepreneurial destination in mind

Nick Kirby, Daytime MBA '17

Nick Kirby, Co-Founder and CEO, Encapsio From mowing lawns and washing cars in high school, to working in his father’s shop learning how a small business operates, Nick Kirby’s always been involved in entrepreneurship. Those early foundations ingrained in Nick a strong drive towards entrepreneurship that he brought to Duke as an MBA in the […]

Addressing supply chain inequities with an entrepreneurial mindset

Rachel Lichte’s vision for transforming diamond mining practices came from, of all things, bananas. On a backpacking trip through Costa Rica at 18 years old, Rachel says she “saw people working so hard on banana plantations but staying so poor.” Later on, after connecting how diamond miners, like banana farmers, remain poor despite their valuable […]