CEI E-ternship Grant

Daytime MBA students who are interested in working in startups during the summer between their first year and second year are eligible to apply for financial support to make this a viable option for the summer. Taxable cash grants of up to $4,000 are available from CEI to support students who are founders or early employees in a startup. Amounts will vary based on the number of applicants and the availability of funding. Priority will be given to students who have actively participated in CEI courses and activities, particularly students who have taken one or more of the New Venture courses.

Recipients of the CEI Summer Entrepreneurial Internship (“E-ternship”) Grant will be expected to be ambassadors for CEI. Responsibilities will include blogging about your summer experience, preparing a profile for the CEI website, and committing to being a CEI Fellow during the following academic year. The grant will be allocated in two payments, one at the beginning of the summer term and the second mid-way through the summer assuming satisfactory completion of milestones. After being awarded the grant, the recipient is expected to meet with CEI to refine objectives and milestones. The recipient should meet with CEI 4-5 weeks into the summer to provide a progress update on milestones and to adjust milestones for the second half of the term.

Annual applications open in February 2022 and award announcements will be made in early-March.

Prepare to provide:

  • Proof of intention to work on a startup as a founder or early employee. This could include a copy of marketing or investment documentation which lists the applicant’s role, or an offer letter
  • 1-2 paragraph statement outlining the work to be done at the startup, highlighting key milestones and/or KPIs
  • Description of engagement with CEI or Duke I&E during the current academic year

Applications will be evaluated in part by the likelihood that the recipient will deliver a meaningful contribution to the startup.