Learn and Engage – New Venture Entrepreneurship

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For students who have identified an opportunity and seek to start and grow their own venture, CEI provides curriculum and programs to help you move from idea to launch. For students who are interested in working on an early-stage idea or at an early-stage startup, there are ample CEI courses and activites that will help you hone your skills and begin immediately contributing to the success of the venture. From finding an opportunity to building and testing a beta product to launching and building a team, there’s ample opportunity to learn through hands-on experiences.

Learn the concepts through our comprehensive course offerings

Foundational Case-based Courses

  • Strategy 838 Entrepreneurship Strategy – Spring 1
  • Strategy 845 Entrepreneurial Execution – Spring 2
  • Finance 651 Entrepreneurial Finance – Spring 2
  • Finance 660 Venture Capital / Private Equity – Fall 1
  • Accounting 591 Managerial Accounting – Fall 2/Spring 1/Spring 2

Foundational Experiential-learning and Project-based Courses

  • Strategy 848 New Ventures: Discovery – Fall 1+Fall 2 / Spring 1+Spring 2. Want to know where good ideas come from? New Ventures: Discovery is designed to lead you to a eureka moment by teaching you how to explore the world around you for problems worth solving. By the end of the course you will have identified more than a hundred problems and opportunities and will have gotten feedback from users about whether you are on the right track.
  • Strategy 849/850 New Ventures: Development – Fall 1+Fall 2 / Spring 1+ Spring 2. Have an idea for a problem you want to solve or want to design a business model around somoene else’s problem? New Ventures: Development will lead you through the process of understanding whether an idea has teeth and if it is a business worth doing. You will learn to asssess opportunities, develop and test business models, understand your financials, and build a successful team.
  • Strategy 851/852 New Ventures: Delivery – Spring 1+Spring 2. New Ventures: Delivery will guide you through the planning and launch process with a high-touch, customized experience to position you and your venture for success. You will be actively working to generate revenue and position your venture for funding, if that’s the desired growth path.
  • Strategy 895 Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP) x CEI. Through the FCCP program, you can work with an early-stage startup on project of strategic importance to the venture. The organizations and projects vary year to year.

Case-based Courses to Round out your skills

  • Management 745 Negotiations – Fall 1/Spring 1/Spring 2
  • Management 747 Leadership – Spring 1
  • Marketing 738 Consumer Behavior – Fall 1
  • Marketing 796 Market Research – Spring 1

Industry Specific Courses

  • Management 898 New Ventures Clinic: Healthcare – Fall 1+Fall 2
  • Management 750 Social Entrepreneurship – Spring 1
  • Hlthmgmt 712 Medical Device Strategy – Fall 1

Hone Your Skills through Co-curricular Activities

Programs and Events

  • Student Founders Program – Students at any phase of the innovation process can receive intensive coaching, mentorship, connection to community, and access to resources, including prototyping grants. This highly-selective, cross-campus program nurtures growth of both the founder and the venture.
  • CEI Leadership Speaker Series – CEI hosts an ongoing speaker series that features corporate innovation leaders, entrepreneurs, and funding professionals giving you an opportunity to hear from world-renowed experts.
  • Fuqua Fast Pitch – Students pitch their business concepts in this fast and fun, Fuqua-only competition.

Student Clubs

  • Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club (EVCC) – EVCC facilitates educational events and career opportunities in entrepreneurship and venture capital.
  • Design & Innovation Club – From innovation methodologies to user-centered research, the Design & Innovation club helps expose you to a breadth of professional opportunities that value the design thinking mindset.

Engage with Experts across Campus and in the Community

New Ventures Fellows (NVF) – In collaboration with the Duke Office of Licensing and Venturing, NVFs are responsible for assisting Duke start-ups with a variety of activities, from putting together investor pitch decks, to assessing the competitive landscape, to informing overall business plan development and corporate strategy.