The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation focuses on academically rigorous scholarship addressing issues that matter most in practice. With a number of courses in entrepreneurship and innovation offered at Fuqua, students will have unique opportunities for both classroom and experiential learning.

In addition, the Center, in conjunction with the students, creates additional clubs, programs, and initiatives to provide a total experience for students.

Here are some testimonials from our students:

“There is a tangible energy among students and faculty at Fuqua around entrepreneurship
and venture capital that is reinforced by the presence of start-ups and VC firms in the area.
We have a wealth of resources at our fingertips, and those resources are growing exponentially
due to the work of students and on-campus organizations like the Center for Entrepreneurship
and Innovation.”
-Sarah Kate Fishback ’09,
Worked at Google and YouTube before coming to Fuqua
“The Entrepreneurship Center at Duke was instrumental in helping my husband and I make
the connections needed to translate our business plan into a reality. We are currently working
with top people in the industry to refine our strategy and patent the technology.”
– Susan Hazard, ’08
Investment Risk Consultant before coming to Fuqua
“After a great experience in government, I decided it was time to change careers. It was
important to me to get my MBA in place where I could gain hands-on entrepreneurial experience.
From the very beginning, the environment here has given me chances to get the experience I was
seeking – both through structured programs in the classroom and opportunities to start new
initiatives outside of it.”
-Sean Knowles ‘09
Worked in the U.S. Senate before coming to Fuqua
“I came to Fuqua in search of entrepreneurial opportunities and, ideally, within the
digital media industry. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) accelerated my
networking efforts by drawing on its impressive connections within the entrepreneurship and
venture capital landscape in the Research Triangle. With the help of those connections and, I
was able to line up an internship at a local, digital media start-up to begin during the academic
year for academic credit. I’m thrilled to be able to tailor my MBA and gain industry exposure
before I take on my summer internship.”
-James McNamara ’09
Former Manager within Accenture Strategy